You can manage your products, through the Products menu at the top of every screen.

You can add and edit your products, as well as import and export products and stocktake them.

Products List

This screen displays a list of all your products. This is where you go to select a product to view or edit.

Add/edit/copy a product

Shows you how to add a new product, edit a product or copy an existing product to create a new product. There is also a simple product creation option.

BoM products

More information about BoM products (kit type products).

Delete products

You are able to delete products.

Import products

Allows you to import your products from a file, as well as re-import to update your products in bulk.

Export products

Allows you to export product details to a file. Useful for re-importing and updating your product details.


This is where you pre-upload your product photos, as well as search and find your photos.


This screen allows you to print off your stocktake sheets, as well as input your stock counts.

Shopify products

Configure your products to be sold on Shopify.

Trade Me products

Configure your products to be sold on Trade Me.

Shipping products

We provide a default shipping product with the code SHIP. By default, this product has no pricing. Feel free to modify this product to suit your needs. You can ignore our default and create your own shipping products. We treat shipping as a product because some of our selling channel and accounting integration partners can only handle it as a product.