Wizard step 2 – Trade Me Set Up

If you connected to Trade Me on the previous step then you can configure a couple of the default Trade Me settings for FPOs (Fixed Price Offers) and listing limitations.

There are a plethora of other settings related to Trade Me that you can configure once you have completed the wizard. Both at the global default level, as well as for each product.

Screenshot Wizard Step 3

You can configure the FPOs to be sent to Bidders only or Bidders and watchers. The price offset can be based on the Start, Reserve or Buy Now and can be any positive or negative amount including zero, which would make the FPO the same price as the Buy Now. You can configure more options when you complete the wizard.

You can also configure whether you are happy to incur high volume listing fees. The active listings limit can be used to avoid high volume listing fees as well as to limit your concurrent listings. Trade Me only applies high volume listing fees based on sudden increases/decreases of your average number of sold listings over the last 6 weeks. High volume fees are not applied if you have 50 or less listings per week.