You can view all the listings for your Trade Me accounts on the Listings screen. The screen can be found via the Sales menu. We will only show all your listings for the last 90 days. Older listings can be found by generating a Listing Detail report for the timeframe you want. You can also import all your current active Trade Me listings. The All tab displays all the current and historical listings. Use the listing number link to view the listing in Trade Me itself. You may be prompted to login. The product name link will display the details of your product within Tradevine. The Sold to link will display the sales order for the sold listing.

The Listings screen has a tab for each order status, as well as an All tab. When you select each tab, you will only see the listings that correspond with that order status. The tabs also display the number of listings that are in each status. Be aware that these counts will only update when you refresh the screen or return to the screen. Alternatively, each tab will update independently when you select it. You can view the active, sold and unsold listings, the listings where the Reserve has been met, as well as the listings with open Fixed Price Offers. You can go directly to the sales order for each sold listing by selecting the Sold to link for each listing on the Sold tab. If there were multiple sales from the same listing for multiple quantity listings or Fixed Price Offers, then the link will be captioned with Multiple sales. Selecting the link shows you the username of the Trade Me buyer and lets you choose the sales order to view.

The FPO links will detail some basic information about the fixed price offers.

The more info link will detail some key information about each listing.

Some things like the success fees are only reported after the listing has sold. The listing and promotion fees are only available 5 mins after the listing has listed.

Selecting an image thumbnail will display a larger pop-up image. Just select the image or the screen to remove the pop-up.

Retrieving your active Trade Me listings

Tradevine will automatically update the listings displayed on the Listings screen, which were created in Tradevine. If you created some listings in Trade Me, then Tradevine will automatically import these, provided they are active or were closed within the last 10 days, and we can perfectly match the listings to your products. If we can't match the listings perfectly then you can attempt to match these yourself by selecting the Import active listings link near the bottom of the screen. You then have the option to either import a single listing or get all your currently active listings. Providing we can match your listing title and the category to your product, then we will automatically link these and the listing will be displayed on the Listings screen.

Get a single Listing

To import a single listing you will need the listing ID and your product.

Select the Import Listing button to retrieve the listing.

Get all Listings

To retrieve all your current active listings, select the Import All Active Listings button. Since you may have Fixed Price Offers still pending, we will also retrieve any closed listings from the last seven days, which have had bidders or watchers. For sold listings this is listings with more than one bidder/watcher, since the buyer is deemed to be a bidder/watcher. Any listings we find but can't match will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

You can now individually match the active listing to a product by selecting a product and then the Link button. If the category does not match the product's category then you won't be able to link the listing and the product until the product category matches the listing category.

Updating your listings

There are two ways you can update the key details of your active listings, providing there are no bids on the listing to be updated. You can either edit the product or re-import your products. Trade Me only allow a maximum of three updates on each listing. Be aware that once bids exist on your listing, you may not be able to update some of the listing details.


You can relist an unsold listing yourself, by selecting the Relist button for a listing on the Unsold tab.

After relisting you can select the Relisted link to login and view the listing in Trade Me. Be aware that you cannot relist withdrawn listings.

Manual FPOs

You can manually make FPO (Fixed Price Offers) if you have chosen not to activate the automatic FPO feature.

An FPO button will be available on the Sold or Unsold tab, as well as on the All tab of the Listings screen. The button will only be visible if there were watchers and bidders who met all the criteria you configured on the product for making FPOs.

If the listing was made for multiple quantities, then you will be able to set the quantity for the FPO.

Searching your listings

A quick Sort By option is provided so that you can sort by the starting and finishing times of your listings. These options will be applied to every tab. The Closing soon, Recently closed option will more logically order the listings for each of the tabs with the most recent listings at the top.

Selecting the Show Filter button located above the list of listings will expand out a set of useful search options to help you refine the listings to view.

Screenshot Listings Search Panel

Remember to apply the search once you have entered all your search criteria. Watch out for the tab you have selected when you view your search, because each tab reports different statuses. Be aware that any applied searches will persist during the logged in session until you remove the search filter. You can also use the search to find words or codes that you can only partially remember, by using wildcard search characters to search on some of the fields. These include the underscore symbol and the percentage symbol. Use the underscore to search any single character matches. Use the percentage to search on any combination of characters. Eg, If you wanted to search on a word/code likeSandbox, then here are some of the plethora of examples which will work: sand%, s%x, %sandbox%. If you know most of the word/code you are looking for, except for a single character, then try some of these examples: s_ndbox, sand_ox, s___bo_, _and__x.