Handling feedback

You can view all the feedback from your Trade Me sales on the Feedback screen, which can be found via the Sales menu. Like Trade Me we will only show the listings for the last 45 days.

If you've opted for automatic feedback, then you will only need to visit the Feedback screen to handle negative or neutral feedback.

The All tab displays all the feedback from every listing. It also displays the listings with no feedback so far. All feedback and any responses are time stamped.

Use the listing number link to view the listing in the Trade Me. You may be prompted to login. You can also view the profile of the buyer by selecting the username link.

The product name link will display the details of your product within Tradevine. The Sales Order reference will display the sales order details.

The Requiring Action From You tab displays all the listings which require feedback. Feedback will not be displayed on this tab for the products you opted to not provide feedback for.

You can respond to feedback placed on you by using the Respond link. Alternatively, you can opt to not respond to the negative or neutral feedback by selecting the Ignore link. This will remove the feedback from the Requiring Action From You tab.

Screenshot Feedback Requiring Action

To place feedback, simply input your feedback for the listing, select a smiley, neutral or sad face and then the Submit (Post) button.

If you have multiple Trade Me accounts, then the username of each account will be displayed above the Post button to help you identify, which account the listing relates to.

It's your choice if you choose to place feedback on the buyer before they place feedback on you. You will need to visit the All tab to make the first move.

Screenshot FeedbackWe only chase feedback for the listings that ended in the last 30 days.

You can opt to ignore feedback and not provide any yourself by selecting the Ignore link. This will also stop the automatic feedback from occurring for this sale. You can at any time navigate to the Feedback screen and manually place the feedback for this sale if you choose to.

Be aware that the tab counts will only update when you refresh the screen or return to the screen. Alternatively, each tab will update independently when you select it.

Automatically handle feedback

If all this manual stuff isn't for you, then you can opt to let us automatically handle all the positive feedback and just leave yourself the task of dealing to the neutral and negative feedback.

Searching your feedback

Selecting the Show Search Options link located above the list will display a set of useful search options. Remember to apply the search once you have entered all your search criteria. Watch out for the tab you have selected when you view your search, because each tab reports different statuses.

Be aware that any applied searches will persist during the logged in session until you remove the search filter.

You can also use the search to find words or codes that you can only partially remember, by using wildcard search characters to search on some of the fields. These include the underscore symbol and the percentage symbol. Use the underscore to search any single character matches. Use the percentage to search on any combination of characters. Eg, If you wanted to search on a word/code likeSandbox, then here are some of the plethora of examples which will work: sand%, s%x, %sandbox%. If you know most of the word/code you are looking for, except for a single character, then try some of these examples: s_ndbox, sand_ox, s___bo_, _and__x.