How does the sales process and the statuses work?

Tradevine has an easy to understand sales process life cycle.

How do I apply a discount to a sales order?

You can apply a discount to any pending sales order.

How do I credit a sales order?

You can credit any completed sales order by creating a sales return.

How do I create a shipment?

You don't. The system creates shipments for you automatically, when payment has been received and a shipping address has been provided. Collections or pickups don't require an address. Be aware that if you require sales orders to be manually approved (this is an organisation setting and a product setting), then no shipment will be created until you have approved the order.

How do I print off pick lists, pack lists and invoices?

You can print pick lists at any time from the shipment screen until the shipment is in a Completed status.

When you approve a shipment, you have the option to print any combination of pack list, invoice or shipping label on the Confirm Shipment screen.

How do I print a batch of pick lists to prepare my shipments?

Often you will have many pick lists to print out to prepare for packing and shipping. Tradevine has a great feature called Auto-Printing, where all the pick lists that are ready to be picked and packed can be printed with a single press of a button. You can also use the Selector drop-down on the Shipments screen to select multiple combinations of shipments to then print any combination of pick list, packing slip, invoice or shipping label.

So the definition for ready to pick is:

  • A delivery address has been provided. Collections don't require an address.
  • The order has been approved, if it requires manual approval.
  • Payment has been received for orders where the payment method is Immediate. For any other payment method, the paid status is irrelevant.