How do I?

The How do I section has a number of commonly asked practical questions about how to use Tradevine for your business processes. Select a link below to drill into the commonly asked questions for that subject.

Start Using Tradevine

There are a number of steps that need to be completed before you start using Tradevine to list and sell your products.


This section covers the more common questions that don’t fall into a specialty area.


Accounting and Xero summary.

Barcode Scanning

Find out more about how scanning barcodes works in Tradevine.

Combine sales orders

Find out how to combine your sales orders.


Read more about products and inventory in this section.

Label Printing

Explains how to set up your DYMO printer and what labels can be printed.


A comprehensive explanation of pricing structures, margins and markups. This should all help you to determine how to set up the pricing that is best for you.


Further explanation into the purchasing process and auto-reordering.


A detailed explanation of important features in the sales section.

Trade Me

How exactly do Trade Me and Tradevine interact and what cool features does Tradevine have to help you reduce your daily workload.