Due to be unleashed early July 2020.

Roles allow you to grant view and edit access for your users to the many parts of Tradevine.

This is useful for example if you don’t want some of your users to view your cost prices or to be able to configure your settings etc.

Simply create a role, assign users to it and then set the areas they should have access to.

You can have as many different roles as you like.

Users can belong to multiple roles. They will have access to all the combined permissions when they log in.

Create a role

Give the role a name and assign users to the role.

Now select the permissions you want to assign to the role.

NB: if you don’t want your users to view your cost prices then leave the View cost data checkbox in a deselected state.


Here you can assign the view and edit access to the many parts of Tradevine.

If the Dashboard page is the Start-up page for your users then it may be advisable to tick the Metrics permission.


Use the Preview this role link to see what the menu’s, screens and data look like on the role.
NB: you will need to log out and back in to get back to your own role.