Auto printing

When you opt to auto print, all the Pending shipments will be updated with a status of Awaiting Pack.

Auto printing targets all the awaiting print shipments that are due to be shipped today including prior to today from the Shipments List screen. Only the shipments with sufficient stock will be printed.

The Auto Print feature will only run when it’s convenient for you and when you run it.

Shipments are prioritised by the traffic light status and the oldest Request Shipping Dates. Multiple print outs for the same customer will be grouped together.

From the Shipments List, select the Print own orders ready for pack button to start the process of automatically printing the orders which can be shipped. The orders which can’t be shipped will remain on the Pending tab until the next time you auto print the pack lists and stock has become available.

Screenshot Auto Print Shipments

After selecting the Print own orders ready for pack button, the Print Shipments panel will be displayed. You can then opt to print any combination of PDF document, as well as a shipping label, including opting to print nothing at all. If you have multiple warehouses then you can also target the warehouse to auto-print the shipments for. You can also exclude sales orders received within the last 1 to 48 hours.

Selecting the Print shipments button will start the auto print process.

After running the auto print, the Printed Date becomes the date and time the auto print was run.

You will need a DYMO printer to print a shipping label.

Available inventory traffic lights

One of the criteria for printing out pick lists ready to be packed is that there is sufficient inventory to fulfill the order. Tradevine can calculate whether you have sufficient inventory and visually displays this by the Available Inventory column on the far right of the Shipments screen, which is the screen displayed above.

Green light means that there is sufficient inventory for all product lines and the order can be fulfilled.
Red light means that one or more of the product lines of the order is not able to be fulfilled due to insufficient inventory.
Orange light is slightly more complex, it means that there would be sufficient inventory if the order is considered on its own, but there might be more than one order competing for the inventory. In this case it will come down to the order in which the shipments are processed. If the Auto Print button is selected and there are a number of orange lights, these would simply be processed in order date. This means the earliest order will be processed first. Later orders might then turn red. If you wish to prioritise some of the orders first, then manually confirm and complete those shipments before running the auto printing.

Multiple warehouses

If you have multiple warehouses then your shipments are likely to have already been assigned to various warehouses. The assignment of each shipment, would have been prioritised according to the following rules:

  1. Can the product line be fulfilled in full by the default primary warehouse?
  2. Can the product line be fulfilled in full by either an Own or a 3PL type warehouse?
  3. Can the product line be fulfilled by splitting it between an Own or a 3PL type warehouse?
  4. Assign the partial or unfulfilled product line to the default primary warehouse.

The SHIP product is assessed last and assigned to the default primary warehouse if a shipment was created for that warehouse. Otherwise, it will be assigned to the first shipment that was not for the default primary warehouse.

You can manually change the assigned warehouse at any time by editing the shipment yourself. Auto print will then assess the shipment based on the availability of the stock for the new warehouse.

To auto print the shipments for your warehouse or any of your other Own type warehouses, you should use the Print own orders ready for pack button. To auto print or notify your 3PL and Supplier type warehouses you should use the Email external orders ready for pack button.

Screenshot Auto Print Email Notification Shipments

You can use the Warehouse(s) dropdown to notify all 3PL or Supplier warehouses or select a specific warehouse to notify. You can also exclude the sales orders that were received in the last 1 to 48 hours. All the shipments that were emailed will now be progressed from a Pending status to an Awaiting Pack status.