Default settings

You can configure everything which is specific to your organisation, through the Settings cog icon at the top of every screen. These settings screens provide a good way to configure your default settings throughout Tradevine.

Screenshot Default Settings Overview

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Organisation details

Configure the key contact and tax information for your organisation. Plus your organisation's logo.

My plan

Summary information about your current account plan, pricing and payments.

Pricing plans

All the information you need to decide what plan suits you best.


Add or change your organisation's billing and shipping addresses.


Add or update your login users.

Trade settings

Set your default preferences for your products and suppliers etc.


Create and manage the labels you can tag to your orders, customers, suppliers and products etc.

Auto numbering

Configure the codes you want to assign to your orders, customers, suppliers and products.

API applications

Configure any applications that integrate with Tradevine, that may improve your Tradevine experience.


Create and maintain multiple warehouses.

Xero integration

Connect and authorise Tradevine with Xero.

Selling channels

Set up the connections and authorisations for your preferred selling channels, like Trade Me and Shopify. Plus configure the defaults for each selling channel.