Xero is an online web based accounting software, which provides for invoicing/billing, accounts payable, bank reconciliation and bookkeeping.

You can integrate Xero with Tradevine. Tradevine sends your accounting transactions through to Xero without you having to leave Tradevine. Any payments made or reconciled in Xero will automatically feed back to Tradevine.

Your Sales and Purchase Orders will be created in Xero as Accounts Receivable and Account Payable Invoices respectively. Contacts will be created in Xero if they don't exist when new orders are created in Tradevine. Inventory Journals will be created in Xero whenever products are bought or sold or their inventory levels are adjusted.

You need to be on a Xero Business plan, either Standard or Premium.

We don't recommend using a Trial or Starter version of Xero, because their trial accounts are limited to a maximum of 5 invoices.


Diagram Xero Integration Overview

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Authorise Xero

You should first have a registered account with Xero.

To integrate Xero and Tradevine, you will need to authorise Xero.

You can turn Xero on or off, but you should consider the ramifications of repeatedly doing this.

Map accounts

Once you are authorised with Xero, you should map your accounts, so that Tradevine knows which accounts to debit and credit for your sales, purchases and inventory adjustments.

Import Contacts

This step is optional and allows you import the contacts in Xero, into Tradevine as customers and/or suppliers.


Any full payments made in Xero will automatically mark the sales orders in Tradevine as paid. Providing the addresses have been supplied along with any required approval, then your pending sales orders should progress automatically to shipment.


You can view an overview of the transactions that occur in the background when the Xero integration is turned on. This will detail what you should expect to see appear in Xero as business transactions occur in Tradevine.

You can also view an overview of the most common types of sales and how Xero plays its part.

Tracking Sales

If you have multiple sales channels then you can use Tradevine to track the sales of those channels, so they can be reported in Xero.

Xero Interaction

Sometimes you will need to make adjustments to transactions and journals within Xero itself.

Purchasing Prepayments

You can view an overview of how to handle pre-payments (in Xero) made ahead of goods being received.