Goods receipts

Adding a goods receipt

A goods receipt is automatically created when a purchase order is created. The creation of the goods receipts are always handled automatically by the system. Any time you confirm a goods receipt, a new goods receipt will only be created if there are any outstanding quantities. You have complete control over the quantities you receive in, and you can cancel any remaining quantities if required. You can either receive all the quantities on the goods receipt, in which case no further goods receipts are created, or you can receive in partial quantities, in which case a further goods receipt is created for the remaining quantities.

Editing a goods receipt

Goods Receipt Number
This is the purchase order number appended with a forward slash and a digit to indicate the number of receipts for the order.
Purchase Order link
Selecting this link will take you back to the original purchase order if you need to view details.
Xero Invoice link
If you are integrated with Xero, then the Xero invoice will be created after the goods receipt is confirmed. Selecting the link allows you to view the invoice in Xero.
The product name and code are displayed on each line of the goods receipt. Selecting either the product code link or the product name link will take you to the product where you can view the details of the product.
Supplier Product
If you configured a supplier for the product, then the supplier's product code will be displayed.
The UOM is displayed to assist with the receipting process.
Total Stock
If you have multiple warehouses, then this will be the total stock count for all your warehouses, otherwise this will be stock count for your default primary warehouse.
W/H Stock
The current stock quantity for each product for the warehouse that you are receiving into.
Qty Required
The total outstanding quantities to be received in.
Qty Received
You can enter the quantity you are actually receiving in. It can be less than the Qty Required, but cannot be more.
Qty Back Order
The system automatically calculates the back order quantity for each product by working out the difference between the Qty Required and the Qty Received. You can manually update the Qty Back Order field yourself, but we recommend you update the Qty Received first. If there is any unaccounted difference in quantities between the amount on back order and the required quantity, then any outstanding quantities will be cancelled and the order status will be changed to Completed with Cancellations when the receipt is confirmed. Alternatively, you can use the Zero Back Orders button to cancel any remaining back order quantities.
Mark is only a row highlighter. It does not confirm any of the lines.
Marking is useful for larger orders. You can highlight the rows on screen, that you have checked off so far, by selecting the Mark link. Select Unmark to remove the row highlighting.
Zero Back Orders
Selecting this button will zero any of the back order totals. This means that any outstanding quantities will be cancelled when the goods receipt is confirmed.
If you have multiple warehouses then this will be the warehouse to receive the stock into, otherwise, this will be the default primary warehouse. You can change the warehouse if you have multiple warehouses to any warehouse except a Supplier type warehouse.
This is a link to the supplier's details.
Supplier Contact
Optional. The supplier contact specified when the purchase order was confirmed.
Supplier Reference
Optional. You can enter in any reference details you like.
Required Delivery Date
Optional. This is the delivery date that was specified when the purchase order was confirmed.
Receipt Date
The date the order was received in. Only visible after the goods receipt has been confirmed.
Received By
Curently not used.
Confirm Receipt
Select this button to print and confirm the details of the goods receipt. A PDF for the goods receipt is created automatically.
Print Receipt Note Print Receipt
Print out the goods receipt.
Changes you have made will not be saved. You can return to this screen at any time.