DYMO shipping labels

Standard default shipping label

We provide a standard default shipping label. You can download this from the Trade Settings screen. Our default template is designed for a 60mm x 101mm label.

This label will automatically include:

  • customers shipping address, which includes the customers name
  • customers phone number (if it exists)
  • barcode for the pack list number
  • your organisation's logo
  • your organisation's billing address


Field Reference Name
Customer shipping address CustomerAddress
Customer phone number CustomerPhone
Barcode – pack list number PacklistID
Organisation logo SenderLogo
Organisation billing address SenderAddress


Customise the shipping label

You can also customise the standard shipping label we provide and invoke the customised label from the Trade Settings screen.

Customisable fields on the shipping label

As well as the standard default fields, you can add any of the customisable fields to the label. Just download the standard shipping template again and customise and save this. Alternatively, you can add a text field to your existing customised template and ensure you change the text fields Reference name explicitly to match a name defined below. Ensure you re-upload and save the label to use on the Trade Settings screen. Be aware, that not all the customisable fields are provided on the standard template.

The following fields are customisable on your shipping label.

Field Reference Name
First product code FirstProductCode
First product name FirstProductName
Public notes OrderPublicNotes
Shipping cost ShippingValue
Warehouse code WarehouseCode
Warehouse name WarehouseName
First product code
The product code of the first product detailed on the shipment.
First product name
The product name of the first product detailed on the shipment.
Public notes
The public notes from the sales order.
Shipping cost
The cost of the shipment.
Warehouse code
The code of the warehouse to ship from.
Warehouse name
The name of the warehouse to ship from.

How to customise the shipping label

You can customise the standard template label we provide, providing you installed the DYMO Label software. We recommend you make a copy of the standard Tradevine label, which you can download from the Trade Settings screen. Rename the copy and ensure it has a file name extension of LABEL. Open the file. This should open in the DYMO Label Editor. You should be able to make changes from the Insert tab.

When adding a customisable field, you must use the Reference name we expect to use. You can edit the Reference name on the Advanced tab of the text fields Text Object Properties dialogue.

In this example, there are two fields captioned similarly with product code. One field just prints the text Product Code. The other field, prints the actual code. Remember to save the changes. From the Trade Settings screen upload the latest customised DYMO label file and save as Use custom label.

You can do a quick test print to print a label. If you get an error message 'No DYMO printers are installed' then try reinstalling the DYMO printer.