You can access this online Help from any screen within Tradevine by selecting any of the following:

  • Using the keyboard shortcut ALT and F1 together.
  • Selecting Help For This Page from the Help icon in the top menu.
  • Selecting a ? icon on a page.

Logging in

Forgotten my password

On the login dialogue select the Forgotten your password? link. You will need to supply your email address. Open your email and click on the link so that you can reset your password. Oh and just a tip, Friday is reportedly the worst day to change your password.

Unable to login

Lockout threshold:
Setting the wrong password 5 times locks up the account for an hour;
after 1 hour, it can log in again

Try the following:

  1. Ensure there are no typos in your email address or password and check that Caps Lock is not messing with the casing (upper case or lower case).
  2. Ensure your Caps Lock key or your Windows key etc is not stuck down and causing random behaviour. Sometimes firmly re-pressing the key can free it.
  3. If your email and password are correct and you still can’t login, then try clearing your cookies:
    • For Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer select the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+Delete
    • For Safari select Settings >Reset Safari
  4. Ensure you are using the latest version of the web browser for your operating system. Older versions can sometimes have peculiar gotchas. Plus we don’t support really old versions.
  5. Ensure your computer’s clock isn’t more than 30 minutes out and it is configured with today’s date.
  6. If you are using Internet Explorer 9 then ensure you are not running in compatibility mode. Compatibility mode mimics Internet Explorer 7 and we only support the latest two versions of Internet Explorer.
  7. Ensure someone else who also has access to your Tradevine organisation has not deleted you as a user. Another user may have to re-add you.
  8. Don’t throw your bricks just yet, but ensure you are logging into Tradevine.


Metrics charts don’t display well

You will need to install Adobe Flash Player before you will be able to view your Metrics charts in all their full glory. The charts are compatible with devices, which are not Flash enabled, like iPads, but you may see small differences in the layout and some functionality like the Play buttons etc may be missing.

Can’t add photos

It currently isn’t possible to add photos if you are using a device, which is running on Andriod or iOS.

Trade Me

The buyer supplied an address but it hasn’t come through

We update your Trade Me stuff every 5 mins, but the older the listing is, the more likely it will be checked in a later polling. If it’s older than 7 days then it could take up to just over an hour to come through. There is simply too much to check to be able to check everything every time. So we’ve had to put in some smarts about how often we check the older and less common stuff.

Feedback from the buyer has not come through

We don’t check for feedback from the buyers beyond 30 days. We don’t check for feedback on every poll, so the feedback may take up to an hour to come through.

Auto-listing isn’t working

Here is a checklist of the most common things.


Sales orders are not being created from recent Trade Me sales

Your Xero token may have dropped off. You may need to re-authorise with Xero. When we are aware that the authorisation token has been lost we will display a red Xero link on your Dashboard. Occasionally the token drops off and even we are not aware.

Alternatively, you could have forgotten that you turned Xero off within Tradevine and it simply needs to be turned back on.

Payments made in Xero are not showing up on the sales orders in Tradevine

We check the paid status every 5 mins. If it has been longer than that then it could be as above, that the Xero authorisation token has dropped off. You may need to re-authorise with Xero.

Can’t connect to Xero

You may need to re-authorise Xero.

Your IT department may have locked down your permissions and rights. You may need to visit them and negotiate for better rights.

Xero, Tradevine or your internet provider may have temporarily gone down. Patience is now your best friend.

Billing plans

Can’t work out how to cancel Tradevine

You are free to leave at any time and we will be sad to see you go. Log into Tradevine and under the Settings cog menu select My Plan. Then select the Cancel Tradevine Account button.


PDFs are not downloading

Each web browser handles PDF downloads differently. You will need to configure the settings for your web browser.

If your web browser is Opera, then be aware that Opera tries to download all PDFs with the same file name. You may need to download with a different web browser like Chrome or Firefox.

It just isn’t possible to download Adobe PDFs if you are using a device, which is running on Chrome iOS.

PDFs are blank

This sounds like it’s us and you should let us know immediately.

DYMO printing

Refer to the Troubleshooting section on the DYMO labels page.

Barcode scanning

Barcode scanning just doesn’t work

It just isn’t possible to do barcode scanning if you are using a device, which is running on Chrome iOS.

Beyond help

If you’ve perused our entire online Help and still not found an answer, then your options are now: