Frequently asked questions


What is Tradevine?

Tradevine is Trade Me's online back office system designed for professional sellers. Tradevine is fully linked to Trade Me and Shopify (eCommerce) for sales and Xero for accounting. As a back office solution, Tradevine incorporates sales, purchasing, inventory, product management and business performance metrics. Tradevine tries to automate as much of the process as possible.

Is Tradevine right for me?

If you use Trade Me and/or Xero, then you can use Tradevine. Tradevine is a very flexible application built for any online seller or small to medium business that wishes to efficiently manage their back office and online selling activities.

Do I have to replace my existing office software?

No you do not need to replace your current software and systems. You can run Tradevine separately to support your existing systems. We have a few customers who use complimentary software, but use Tradevine as the preferred means of managing and achieving sales in multiple marketplaces.


How do I change my password?

It's easy to change your password in Tradevine, please refer to the change your password page.

I forgot my password, how do I go about resetting it?

It's simple to reset your password, please refer to the forgotten your password page.

How can I change my login email address?

Currently you can't, but you can add the new email address as another user, which you can then use to login. To stop anyone from logging in, on your old email, just change the password for that email to something absurd. Remember to create the new email user first.

Who in my company has access to the Tradevine application?

Only users that you have added within Tradevine to your organisation have access to your information.

Why am I unable to delete my products?

You can delete products provided that there are no sales orders, no active listings or no open Fixed Price Offers. Once there is a sales order for that product, it is no longer possible to delete the product. The products we are unable to permanently delete will be archived instead. This is all tied in with the IRD rules about keeping business records for 7 years.

For more detailed information on deleting products, read here.

If you just want to hide your products then you may be more interested in archiving products.

Can I change my company name?

Yes, just go to the Organisation Details page and update your organisation's name there.

What is Xero?

Xero is an online accounting software package, which Tradevine can integrate with to track and process all of your sales orders, purchase orders, refunds and inventory transactions. Integrating with Tradevine is easy.

Xero have their own pricing plans.

Shopify is an online selling channel, which provides a webstore for selling your products. It also comes with an Admin site for configuring your products and settings. It is not an auction site. Integrating with Tradevine is easy.

Shopify have their own pricing plans.

How do sales come through from Trade Me or Shopify?

The processes for each type of sale are outlined on the type of sales page.

Can I ship the sales order before payment is made?

Yes, when the Payment Method on the sales order is anything other than Immediate.

Fees and plans

Does it cost me anything when I register for Tradevine?

There are no registration fees when you sign up with Tradevine. Our free trial is completely free to use for 30 days with full access to most of the functionality. You do not need a credit card for the free trial.

What will Tradevine cost to use?

Please check out our pricing plans.

Are there any hidden fees?


Trade Me listing and success fees are paid by you directly to your Trade Me accounts. The monthly Shopify and Xero account fees are paid directly by you to them.

All our monthly fees for integrating with Tradevine, the Trade Me, Xero and Shopify add-ons are published on our website and our pricing is open and transparent.

Do I have to pay for software upgrades?

No. The software is updated online by us for free every time we do a release. Just log in and you will always have the latest and greatest.

How do I change my account plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

Where do I cancel my trial or subscription or change my pricing plan?

Please refer to our Terms of Use. You can change your subscription plan or cancel the service at anytime. Otherwise, simply email and we will be happy to assist you.

Trade Me

How do I start auto-listing?

Auto-listing requires two settings to both be set to on, to work. The first is the global default for your Trade Me account. The second setting, is directly on each product's listing rule.

Are my listing fees free when I use Tradevine?

Tradevine is a part of Trade Me, but the Trade Me listing fees are not free. We do however, provide the specified end time listings for free when the product is auto-listed.

Why have my sales orders not turned up?

There could be several reasons why your Trade Me sales orders have failed to turn up. Outside of the common reasons, on rare occassions a sales order goes into hiding. So we have a back up job that runs once an hour which finds any missing sales orders. If you are still creating or maintaining listings directly in Trade Me, then there is no way for us to know about those listings until you import them into Tradevine. Once you start using Tradevine, you should cease creating or editing your listings in Trade Me. You may want to import your active listings so we do know about them.

What are listing rules?

You can configure the products you list on Trade Me, using listing rules. Listing rules allow you to customise the details of each listing. They are especially useful for providing different listing options for the same product.

What are multi-variant listings?

These are listings where you can group several products onto a listing and this allows the buyer to select a specific product from a group of options. An example would be a clothing listing which offers size and colour as options. Each option combination is a product on the Tradevine side.

Can I offer free shipping on a cart?

Yes can set up free shipping on a combined shipping offer with either a quantity or a value threshold. Want to know more?

Is Gallery Plus right for me?

The more frequently your product sells, the more likely you are to go for Gallery. Ultimately it is up to you to decide whether Gallery or Gallery Plus will work better for your listings.


How do I integrate with Xero?

We have a simple connection and setup guide for Xero.

Does Tradevine integrate with any other accounting software?

Only Xero at the present time.

How do I integrate with Trade Me?

Our detailed Help will guide you through the authorisation and set up of Trade Me.

How do I integrate with Shopify?

Our detailed Help will guide you though the authorisation and set up of Shopify.

Does Tradevine require a special technological platform?

Tradevine runs on your web browser. We recommend Chrome or Firefox, however, Tradevine will also run on Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. For more information please check out the supported versions.


Does Tradevine have customer support and what is the cost?

Email and urgent call back phone support are free. We recommend referencing our comprehensive Help first. This is our preferred means of helping you. If you do need to contact us, please email and we will do our best to respond within 24 hours. If your case is really urgent, please communicate that need via email and provide a contact telephone number. We will call you as soon as we can.

Where is Tradevine available?

Tradevine is presently available in New Zealand.