Top products by gross margin

You can view some helpful metrics for your product turnover by gross margin. The screen can be found under the Reporting menu.

The metrics exclude cancelled orders. You have the option to exclude or include the SHIP product in the metrics.

Use the Zoom buttons located at the bottom of the charts, to change the view of the data over days, months or over the last year.

When the date range of your data falls between two Zoom button selections then only the data up to the earliest Zoom button is available for quick selection. Eg, your data is currently only 2 months old, so the 3 months Zoom button will not show any data until you have at least 3 months worth of data.

You can explicitly state the start and end date by using the Custom period input fields located at the bottom of the screen. The start date is limited to a date of no more than a year from today. The end date cannot be a date which is greater than the most recent sales order.

Individual stats are displayed for the top 10 products. The Other products are a consolidation of all the other products.

Clicking on a segment of the charts donut will toggle the segment in or out. Mousing over the segment will display the products percentage rating. Mousing over the products description in the product legend will also display the percentage rating.

The charts are compatible with devices, which are not Flash enabled, like iPads, but you may see small differences in the layout.