Organisation details

You can configure your organsation's basic details. The Organisation Details screen can be accessed via the Settings icon located at the top of any screen.

Here you can set your organisation's name, contact details and tax info. The country, timezone and currency cannot be edited.

Plus add or change your organisation's logo. Most web browsers will allow you to drag your image file onto the logo thumbnail. Otherwise, use the Upload Logo link to locate your image file. The accepted image formats are: PNG, GIF, JPG and JPEG.

The Unit Measurement System should really only be set once.

Applying tax

To be able to apply tax to your sales orders and purchase orders you will need to set your organisation Tax Number. Any sales orders created before setting the tax number will not be retrospectively recalculated.

You can edit an existing tax code. You just can’t blank it out, if you already had a tax code.

If you are hooked into Xero then we will use the tax number you have set up in Xero. If you already have a tax number in Tradevine that differs from the tax number in Xero then you will need to first change it in Tradevine to match.