The product BoM (bill of materials) tab is useful for creating or viewing your BoM products and their components. The components can be inventory or non-inventory type products, but the BoM kit itself must be non-inventory.

Create a BoM product

You can create BoM kit products on the BoM tab of the product that will contain the component products.

BoM kit products must be non-inventory. An on screen warning will be displayed, when viewing the BoM tab of an inventory tracked product.

You will need to ensure the Warehouse Stock is zero and then navigate to the Product Information tab to turn Inventory Tracking off. Providing your inventory tracking is off, you should now be able to start adding product components to the BoM tab.

There is no limit to how many components you can have in your BoM product. The components can only be existing products. You cannot create new components here on the fly.

You can delete components at any time by selecting the X on the far right of the component line.

BoM components

You can view a product and check out all the BoM products it belongs to from the BoM tab.

To delete the component from a BoM product, tag the row's checkbox and then hit the Delete button.