Barcode scanning

Tradevine caters for barcode scanning. Barcode scanning can be used to create or find documents and products etc within Tradevine.

You shouldn’t need to install any software to get your barcode scanner to work with Tradevine. You just need to tell us which barcode type to use. After that you should be able to just plug it in and you’re good to go.

Barcodes can be scanned in to:

  • Add a barcode to a product.
  • Add products to your sales orders.
  • Add products to your purchase orders.
  • Add products to your stocktake reconciliation.
  • Find a product in Tradevine.
  • Find a sales order, shipment, purchase order or a goods receipt.
  • Quickly process a shipment on the Fast Shipping screen.
  • Add tracking references to shipments.

​Barcodes are also created by Tradevine and incorporated as:

  • Sales order numbers on your sales order document.
  • Shipment numbers on your picking and packing documents.
  • Shipment numbers on your DYMO shipping labels.
  • Invoice numbers on your invoice.
  • Purchase order numbers on your purchase order documents.
  • Goods receipts numbers on your goods receipts documents.
  • Product codes on your stocktake sheets.

If you prefer to use your own document numbering system instead of our default numbering and you like the idea of scanning the order numbers on your Tradevine documents, then keep in mind, the preferred maximum length of your scanner.

Barcode scanning is currently not possible if you are using a Chrome iOS device.