The universal Search located in the top right corner is useful for quickly tracking down customers, suppliers, products, sales orders, purchase orders, pack lists, goods receipts and Trade Me listings. You can also search on email addresses, order numbers, codes, shipping tracking references, reference numbers and Trade Me usernames. You can search using partial or full text. Select the Magnifying Glass button to trigger the search. If you are using a barcode scanner, then the search will fire automatically.

Screen Universal Search

Searches will provide a shortlist of potential hits when there is more than one candidate, otherwise, the matching item will be displayed without any further action on your part.

Screen Universal Search Results

You can also search by using wildcard search characters. Wildcard characters include the underscore symbol and the percentage symbol. Use the underscore to search any single character matches. Use the percentage to search on any combination of characters.

Eg, If you wanted to search on a word/code like Sandbox, then here are some of the plethora of examples which will work: sand%, s%x, %sandbox%. If you know most of the word/code you are looking for, except for a single character, then try something similar to these examples: s_ndbox, sand_ox, s___bo_, _and__x. You can also mix your wildcards. Eg, s%b_x. If you just want to search your shipments or goods receipts, then try a combination that includes a forward slash and an underscore. Eg, /_ Another useful search tool is the Recently Viewed pane.