If you want Tradevine to track your inventory then you need to turn on Inventory Tracking on each of your products.

How do I process a sale?

TheSale Process and Status help explains the various Sales Order flow in Tradevine.

How do I buy more stock?

Create Purchase Orders in Tradevine to purchase more stock. If you are using the inventory function, the quantities for the product will automatically increase when the purchased goods are confirmed as having been received.

How do I update my inventory in Xero?

Xero doesn't maintain products, but providing you are integrated with Xero and you have configured your products for inventory tracking, then we will automatically create inventory journal entries in Xero for you. These occur when you ship a sales order, receive in a purchase order or you make an inventory adjustment yourself on any of your products.

How do I adjust my inventory for a product?

If you track your inventory, it's easy to adjust your inventory levels, whether due to breakages or stocktakes or other reasons, by editing the product and creating an inventory adjustment.

How do I change the cost price of a product?

You can change the cost price of a product by editing the Product. Be aware that the field becomes read only once Inventory Tracking is ON and a Quantity in Stock exists. This is because the system uses this cost for the FIFO Cost calculations. You can still update the cost price of your stock at any time.

If you process all your sales orders and purchase orders through Tradevine then the Cost Price will be tracked based on your sales and purchases.

How do I do a stocktake using Tradevine?

You can either print off your stocktake sheets, or manually enter a stocktake into the system.