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Labels (alias tags) can be assigned optionally to products, customers, suppliers and documents. This should help you to sort and categorise these specifically for the needs of your business. You will find the Labels screen via the Settings icon at the top of any screen.

Adding or editing a label is easy. We have provided a few default labels to get you started, but feel free to set these up or change these to suit your business.

Adding or editing labels

To add more labels, select the Add Labels link at the bottom of the list. Label names can be up to 50 characters long. Then use the Label Used For dropdown to specify where the label can be used. Labels can be used for products, customers, suppliers, and for documents – which include sales orders and purchase orders.

Create a Label

To edit a label simply click on the label in the list. The Label Used For field becomes read only once a label has been created.


Deleting labels

You can delete any label which is not a System type label.

From the list of labels, simply checkbox the labels you wish to delete and then select the Delete button. You will then be prompted to confirm the deletion(s).

The Delete button is only enabled when at least one label in the list has been checkboxed.


Archived label

There are a few labels, which are used by Tradevine, that cannot be deleted. The Archived label is one of these labels and can be applied to products, customers, suppliers and sale/purchase orders, which are no longer being used actively by your business. Archived items are not deleted, they are kept in the system and can be searched for when you might need them again.

You can also undo an Archive label by simply removing the label.

See the screen below for an example of how to apply the Archive label (or any label) to a customer.

Remember to select the Apply option after making your label selections.