BoM products

You can create Bill of Material (BoM) products, also known as kit type products. BoM products consist of other products to make a single kit type product.

Screenshot Add Product BoMBoM products must be non-inventory. The component products of a BoM product can be inventory or non-inventory. Even though the BoM product itself is non-inventory, we will still calculate the Available to Sell quantity based on the inventory quantities of the component products.

Sales orders, invoices and Trade Me listings refer to the BoM product. Pick lists and packing slips refer to the component products.

You can opt to get the weight of your BoM kit to auto-calculate by selecting the Auto-calculate weight checkbox. This will sum the weight of all the components whenever they change.

Screenshot Product BoM Components

If you are importing your BoM products, then you should perform a separate import specifically for the BoM products.