Trade Me

How do I connect to Trade Me?

To connect and interact with Trade Me, Tradevine needs to be authorised by Trade Me. The connection steps are easy to follow.

How do I set up Trade Me defaults in Tradevine?

There are some steps to go through to set up Trade Me settings in Tradevine. This is normally a one off activity. Once you have created these organisation level settings you can go into the product level to override the Trade Me settings for each product.

How do I create and manage Trade Me listings?

Once you have connected to Trade Me and updated the settings, and imported / created your products, you can start listing them on Trade Me. You can either manually list products or set up the auto-listing function which will automatically create listings, and will automatically relist when an item has sold, or an auction has closed. To view all your Active, Reserve Met, Sold and Unsold listings in Tradevine, view the Listings screen and view the tabs. Your Dashboard is a visual, activity based screen that will assist you in your day-to-day business.

How does auto-listing work?

You can set your products up to auto-list each time a listing completes. Products will only auto-list when the product is either sold, unsold or withdrawn. A product will only auto-list when there is stock available.

How do I process a Trade Me sale?

When an item has sold on Trade Me, Tradevine automatically creates a sales order for the sale. If the customer has confirmed their delivery address in Trade Me, then this will automatically appear on the sales order. Alternatively, if they send you an address in an email you will have to add this manually into the sales order. If you have shipping set up for your listings, a separate line will appear in the sales order for the shipping option the customer has chosen. You can only ship once payment has been made, and you have an address to ship to. If you are integrated with Xero, and have reconciled this payment, then the payment received flag will be checked and the shipment will be created automatically. If you are not connected to Xero, go and manually check the payment received once you have received payment. The shipment will be created once you save the order.

How do I make a Fixed Price Offer on my listings?

You can only make FPOs if auto-listing is enabled for the product. You can automatically make FPOs whenever a listing closes, providing you either configure your FPOs through the global defaults or for each product. Any sales as a result of an FPO will automatically be created in Tradevine as a sales order.

How do I answer Trade Me questions and place feedback?

Tradevine allows you to manage answering your questions and placing feedback from within Tradevine.

How does Auto-feedback work?

One of the great ways to reduce your work load, is to complete some of the tasks you need to do automatically. One of these tasks is placing feedback and Tradevine can randomly select one of your default phrases each time using your configured feedback phrases.

How do Auto-reminders work?

Another way to save time is to get the system to automatically follow up your sales orders and send out courtesy emails when payment is still pending or an address has not yet been supplied. It is easy to set up Auto-reminder emails.

How do I combine sales from the same customer?

Sales from the same Trade Me customer can be combined either manually or automatically when they come in, providing they match on some key criteria.

How do I set up shipping templates?

If you have different groups of shipping costs, then you would be advised to configure a shipping template for each set of shipping costs. It is then very easy to assign a template to a listing rule on a product.

 How do I update my shipping templates?

With structure shipping data now available in Trade Me and Tradevine – it’s advised to upgrade your Shipping Templates to the new Structure Shipping Format.

How do I delete my Trade Me account?

You can delete any of your Trade Me accounts at any time.