Shopify multi-variants

This feature is deprecated

In Shopify and Tradevine, it is possible to create products with variants. Eg, the product is a Shoe and the variants are the sizes, styles and colours.

In Shopify your multi-variant product is a single product with variants. In Tradevine this will be multiple products. Each product represents each multi-variant combination.

Diagram Shopify Multi-Variant Products

Shopify allow up to 3 variant option types with up to 100 attribute values for each product.

Renaming things that are common to a set of variant related products, like the variant option name, vendor or product type or changing the visibility, will update all the related variant products in Tradevine and Shopify, when any of the variant products are saved from the product’s Shopify tab.

Each multi-variant product that you create, should be created entirely in either Shopify or Tradevine. You should avoid creating some variants for a product in both Shopify and Tradevine, since it is not possible to match up the variants, since each system has its own set of identifiers. Variant products created in Shopify can be imported so that Tradevine will then get the identifiers from Shopify. Variant products created in Tradevine can be pushed to Shopify so that Shopify has a consistent set of identifiers.

Create multi-variant products in Shopify

Shopify reserve the right to change their screens at any time, so we apologise if the screenshots differ. This process is based on configuring the product firstly in Shopify.

1. Create the product (if it doesn’t already exist) in Shopify.

2. Edit the product and under Inventory & variants configure a variant by selecting the edit options link.

Shopify Product Create Default Variant

To add more variant types, use the Add another option button.

Screenshot Shopify Product Create Default Variant

3. To add more variants select the Add a variant button. Add as many variants as you need.

Screenshot Shopify Product Variants List

4. In Tradevine, navigate to the Import Products screen and Import from Shopify.

5. After importing, the product name will include each of the variants. For example, if you have product called Ballroom Dress with a variant size of 12 and Red, then after importing it will be titled Ballroom Dress – 12 – Red. You may want to use the Alternate Code to further distinguish each product. The product Name is not visible on the Shopify product view. In Tradevine the Shopify title excludes the variant components, just as it does in Shopify.

Unfortunately, after importing, it is not always obvious which product relates to which variant. You may need to re-save each new product from the Shopify tab of the product to push across the Tradevine code to Shopify.

Screenshot Shopify Product Variant Identifiers

The SKU’s should be unique for each variant.

Create multi-variant products in Tradevine

1. Create the product (if it doesn’t already exist) in Tradevine.

2. Edit the product and navigate to the Shopify tab and select your Shopify account. Under Variant Options name each of the attributes and add a value for each attribute. Save.

Screenshot Shopify Multi-Variant Create In Tradevine3. To create more variants for the same product, you can duplicate the product and the variants by selecting the Duplicate button. You will then need to save the new product variant to also push it to Shopify.

Ordering your multi-variants

You can determine the order that each product variant is sorted or ordered in Shopify by setting the Sort Order. In Shopify the product variants will be displayed in an ascending order, with the lowest number at the top.

Screenshot Shopify Product Variant Sort Orders

We recommend you use a numbering sequence that leaves some gaps, so that you can slot in, any future changes, without having to re-do every product variant.

Duplicate multi-variant products

Providing you are integrated with Shopify, you can duplicate your Tradevine products to create multi-variant type products in Shopify. The Duplicate button is available when editing a product, from either the Information tab or the Shopify tab.

You can then opt to create and duplicate either a multi-variant product or a simple product.

Screenshot Shopify Multi-Variant Duplicate

Only the SKU/Code is mandatory, but you should enter the new multi-variant attribute values.

Selecting the Duplicate button on the dialogue, will return you to the product’s Shopify tab. From there you can make any further changes. The new multi-variant information is only pushed to Shopify when you save.

Merge multi-variant products

If you have products with similar variant attributes, then you can opt to merge or unmerge the products.

Currently we merge from and not to. So open the product to keep. Change the URL handle to the product to merge onto. You will then be given the option to merge all the similar products that share the same URL handle or just the product you have open. If you are merging just this variant product, then you should change the Title of the product you have open before you action the merge. Otherwise, you will have two sets of variant products with the same name, but different handles.

Screenshot Shopify Multi-Variant Merge

You can also separate out your variant products by changing the handle to a new handle. Again you will be prompted to apply the change to all or just the product you have open. Don’t forget to change the title of the product before confirming the prompt.


You can now assign different photos to each variant product. Be aware that if you have multiple photos assigned to a variant on the Shopify tab and you update the product then only the first photo will be pushed across into Shopify, since Shopify is only looking for a single photo for each variant.