Managing multiple Shopify stores

This feature is deprecated

Tradevine can handle more than one Shopify store at a time. If you have multiple Shopify stores, you can hook all of these up to your Tradevine organisation.

You can also update your Tradevine products into more than one Shopify store, at anytime.

We cater for:

  • the same products linked to different Shopify stores.
  • different products linked to different Shopify stores.
  • combinations of products linked to some Shopify stores and not others.

You will need to integrate separately with each Shopify store. On the Settings > Shopify Settings screen, just select the Shopify Account button to add each Shopify store.

Screenshot Org Shopify Add Channel

Updating products to your Shopify stores

It is easy to automate the updating of your Shopify products. There are a few ways you can update your Shopify products, but essentially they all rely on the Auto-update products setting being on, if you want it done automatically. Otherwise, you will have to update each product manually.

Update into one store only

To update to only one store at a time, you will have to edit and save each product individually.

If you just want to set the products visibility setting then you can do this for multiple products by selecting the products to update from the Products List and then selecting the Shopify button and the specific set option for the relevant store.

Import your products from file for just the Shopify store you want to update. Remember to set the Is Listed on Shopify field to Yes if you want the product to exist in Shopify.

If your products already exist in Tradevine, then you can export your products from the Products List screen to create an import file. Just remember to edit the export file and knock out the products linked to the other stores.

Update into all stores

There are a few ways you can update all your products to all your stores:

  • Use the one click Update all products in Shopify button on the Settings > Shopify Settings screen.
  • From the Products List screen select all the products to update and use the Shopify button to set the visibility status. Only the products which have the List this product checkbox set to On will be updated.
You could try importing, but this will only update one store at a time. Ensure the field Is Listed on Shopify is set to Yes.

Sales from your Shopify stores

All sales from your Shopify webstores will be created instantly in Tradevine. Depending on how the buyer paid for the product(s), the sales order will be created with either a Pending status or it will go directly to shipping with an Awaiting Shipment status. Check out our Types of Sales page for more info on the sales workflow.

In Shopify, you may want to configure the Order ID (the option can be found under Preferences >General settings) to be different for each store, so that you can track which webstore the sales came from. On the Tradevine sales orders, the Shopify Order ID will be reported as the Reference.