Trade Me features

There are lots of cool features you can use with your Trade Me set up to help you trade better and more efficiently.

Diagram Trade Me Features

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Multiple Trade Me accounts

You can link any number of Trade Me accounts to a single Tradevine account so that you can manage all of your Trade Me activities in one place. For each product you can decide which of the Trade Me accounts to list against and each listing can have different photo’s, prices and descriptions etc.

Note: this is a premium feature and is not available on all plans.

Listing rules

A listing rule is used to configure how a listing should be constructed on Trade Me. Rules are defined against products and there is no limit to the number of rules a product can have. One listing rule equals one listing, so if you want three concurrent listings you need to define three listing rules. Each rule contains all of the information required for one listing which means each listing can have different prices, photos and descriptions etc. A common use for different listing rules is to have a Buy Now listing and a $1 Reserve for the same product at the same time.

You can easily add, delete or duplicate listing rules at any time.

Multi-variant Listings

Multi-variant listings also known as multi-variant products are a group of products on a listing in Trade Me which allow the buyer to select the product to buy from a set of dropdown options on the listing.


By switching on auto listing, Tradevine will automatically manage your listings on Trade Me so you don’t have to. Simply set up your listing rules, turn on auto-listing and Tradevine will take care of the rest. We take into account your inventory levels, automatically ceasing to list when stock runs out, and restarting the listing when more stock is received. If you define a target end-date and/or time, Tradevine will ensure your objectives are met without incurring a Trade Me fee for specific end time finish.

Auto reminders

Unfortunately not all buyers are efficient at sending through their payments and addresses after winning an auction. By turning on auto reminders, Tradevine will send reminders to the buyer, which in most cases, will prompt payment. You can configure when to send a first and, optionally, the second reminder email, and if payment is still not made we will flag these outstanding orders on the Dashboard so you can take appropriate action.

Sometimes you may make special arrangements with a buyer and you don’t want these reminders to be sent, simply edit the sales order to let the system know.

Auto feedback

The vast proportion of sales are a pleasant experience for both the buyers and sellers. You can configure Tradevine to automatically send positive feedback when you receive positive feedback from the buyer or, alternatively, a number of days after you shipped the goods. We don’t automatically respond to neutral and negative feedback as we think this needs a human touch, instead we highlight these on the Dashboard so you can respond accordingly.

You can configure up to three different feedback responses and we will randomly pick one. Each feedback can be personalised for the buyer and the product sold.

Check sales orders for rural or unknown addresses

Sometimes customers mistakenly select the wrong shipping option, forgetting that they live in a rural delivery area. Many courier services will penalise the shipper if a rural delivery ticket isn’t applied when required and this can easily turn a profitable trade into a loss.

To help minimise these unexpected charges, Tradevine can be configured to check the customer’s address as it is imported from Trade Me to identify those that are rural, unknown or overseas. Sales order’s which fail this test are then tagged with a Check Address (Rural or Unknown) label. There is a link on the Dashboard which will filter these orders for you, so it is quick and easy to identify them.

The addresses are checked against the live NZ Post Address database, other couriers may have a different definition of rural delivery.

Automatically make FPOs

When a listing closes, whether it is sold or not, Trade Me allows you to send an FPO (Fixed Price Offer) to the losing bidders and/or watchers. Tradevine can automatically make FPOs for you.

Simply specify how to calculate the price, who you want to send the offers to and the duration of the offer, then switch on this option and within 5 mins of a listing closing, the offer will be made to your potential buyers. If you have sufficient inventory and auto-listing is turned on, we will immediately relist the product at the same time.

If you prefer, you can manually make the FPO from a closed listing within Tradevine.

Auto withdraw listings when stock is low

If you don’t have enough stock to cover all of your open listings and FPOs, then these can be withdrawn automatically. It is important to remember that you may incur a Trade Me withdrawal fee in some circumstances.

Sell multiple quantities

If you have more than one item to sell, then you can configure each product with the quantity to sell. These types of listings have two benefits:

1. A buyer can purchase any quantity up to the amount you specify.

2. Multiple buyers can purchase against the same listing whilst inventory is still available.

When Tradevine makes the listing the actual quantity will be the lower of a specified maximum or the current available to sell quantity.

Relist a listing

You can manually relist an unsold listing at any time, providing it was not withdrawn. Whenever Tradevine automatically makes a listing we always try to relist a closed listing first, if we can’t relist then we make a new listing. Relisting has a couple of benefits:

  • We ensure that any Galley Plus fee that you have paid for is maximised.
  • Watchers are sent an email by Trade Me pointing them to the new listing.

Listings threshold cap

Sometimes you may wish to limit the number of listings that are active on Trade Me. Commonly this is used when you want to avoid paying High Volume Listing Fees.

Prioritise products for listing

If you have a listings threshold cap in place then it is likely that you have more products for sale than you want to list at any one time. You can let Tradevine know which products are more important than others by setting the listing priority. Tradevine will list high priority products ahead of medium and low priority products. If there are more products within a priority group than there are slots available then we will pick products at random from the candidate list.

Listings with specific end times listed for free

Trade Me charge a small fee to end your listing at a specific time. With Tradevine this is free.

Combine sales orders

You can automatically combine sales orders from the same Trade Me buyer when the payment method, shipping method and shipping address all match. The products and any associated shipping costs will be added to any existing unshipped order.

Sales orders can also be combined manually when they are from the same customer, same payment method and the same sales channel.

Shipping templates

If you consistently use different shipping rates for different Trade Me products, then you will find shipping templates helpful. These allow you to set up a framework of shipping rates and invoke these as a template for any of the listing rules on your products.

How do I update my shipping templates?

With structure shipping data now available in Trade Me and Tradevine – it’s advised to upgrade your Shipping Templates to the new Structure Shipping Format.

Xero accounting integrated

By integrating Xero with Tradevine we can automatically take care of many of your accounting transactions. We’ll make the invoices, manage the stock value and the cost of goods sold plus a number of other transactions. Tradevine users tell us that their accountants love Tradevine too, it makes GST returns and your end of year accounting a breeze.