Pack lists

You can make temporary updates to the shipment using the Save button, without actually confirming the shipment until you’re ready to confirm the shipment.
You can print or reprint the Pick List by selecting the Print Pick List button.
It is not possible to change the warehouse on an Awaiting Pack shipment.

Confirming a shipment

To confirm a shipment, adjust any of the shipment quantities that need adjusting. Scan or input any Tracking references. Select the Confirm Shipment button. This should present a dialogue which will allow you to specify the documents, emails and shipping labels to print. You will also have the opportunity to add your own content to the emails. The content is editable and will persist for each shipment until you decide one day to delete your browser cookies. You can opt to not print or email anything at all. You can also set a default for the number of shipping labels to print each time. The dialogue is also displayed when resending the confirmation.

If you want to bulk confirm multiple shipments, then check this out.

Tradevine has a standard set of emails, but you can create your own customised email templates.