Setup Wizard

When you sign up to use Tradevine, you will need to go through a series of steps to set your organisation up to start selling. This section is an overview of what’s required at each step.

You need to complete the setup process before you can start using Tradevine.

Step 1 – About You
Some basic information about your organisation.
Step 2 – Trade Me Set Up
If you connected to Trade Me then you can configure a couple of basic settings.
Step 3 – Import Products
If you connected to Trade Me then you can import your current active Trade Me listings as listings and products.
Step 4 – Finished
Once complete, you will be able to start using Tradevine for your business.

How long does it take?

It can be as quick as 2 minutes. If you have a lot of active listings in Trade Me and you opt to import these, then this can affect how long it takes to complete the wizard before you can start using Tradevine. We have tried to make the process as quick, simple and pain free as possible.

Can I stop part way through?

Not really. It's only a few very brief steps and very lightweight, so it would be best to complete it at the time. Not all the steps of the Wizard are mandatory so you can skip some parts. There is no log out option when you are in the wizard.