DYMO labels

This section runs through setting up your DYMO printer and troubleshooting any potential issues that may arise.

Our default DYMO label size is designed for a 60mm x 101mm label with the short edge coming out of the printer first. You are welcome to use a differently sized label, just ensure your customised layout will format correctly when printing.


Load the DYMO printer software and drivers that came with your printer. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully, in particular about when to connect the printer to your PC. You should install the software and then the drivers.

It would be best to install the software as an Administrator (right click on the install file and opt for the admin mode if it is provided). It would also be advisable to close your web browser before you start the install process.

You must restart your web browser for the DYMO settings to take affect. The DYMO printer should then be automatically detected by Tradevine.

You can also download the software which includes the drivers directly from the DYMO website. The minimum version (the latest version is preferred) to use should be:

  • DYMO Label Designer – 8.7.2

From the Downloads and Drivers webpage, select the Download button which best suits your set up.

Unplug the DYMO until after you have installed the DYMO software.

After the software downloads, run the Software download (the drivers should be automatically included in this download so you only have to run the Software download).

Start your DYMO.

You must close your web browser if you haven’t already so the software can prime itself to run the next time you open the web browser.

If you have a Mac then install at least version 8.7.2 for Mac. The latest version is the preferred version to install.

Shipping labels

You can configure and print off a shipping label for your shipments.

Product labels

You can configure and print off a product label for any of your products.


You can do a quick test print to print a label. If you get an error message ‘No DYMO printers are installed’, then try reinstalling the DYMO printer.

My labels aren’t printing

  • It’s not possible to do DYMO printing on a device which is running on Chrome iOS (iPhones and iPads).
  • Ensure you have installed the software that came with the printer.
  • Ensure that your drivers are at least
  • After installing the software and drivers you must restart your web browser.
  • Ensure you set the label printer type to use on the Trade Settings screen.
  • Ensure you have saved a DYMO template to use on the Trade Settings screen for both your product and your shipping labels.
  • Ensure your printer is on and the USB cable is connected properly.
  • Ensure your printer has not run out of labels.

I get a 400 bad request error

We don’t recognise any of the field reference names on your custom label. Open your label file and rename the reference names. Refer to the shipping label and the product label pages for the reference names.

I was printing labels yesterday but not today

Updates and other factors can sometimes knock out the DYMO start up services. Here’s what you need to do to ensure that the services are running every time your machine starts up.

  1. On your keyboard, select the Windows key and the R key. This should bring up the Run panel.
  2. Type msconfig. This should take you into the System Configuration.
  3. On the System Configuration panel, select the Startup tab.
  4. Sort the list of start up items, so they appear alphabetically.
  5. Make sure the DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host service is ticked.
  6. Restart your machine for the sevices to take effect.

DYMO Startup Services

My labels print, but the layout is wrong

  • Ensure you are using the correct label size for your label design. Our default templates are designed for a 60mm x 101mm label with the short edge coming out of the printer first.
  • If you are using a custom design template, then ensure your design fits the label you are printing onto. Double click your template file to open it in a design window – the one with the .label extension file name.
  • Occasionally your web browser can get stuck. Try logging out, restarting your web browser and logging back in.
  • Ensure you installed the correct software drivers. Re-installing the drivers may be an option.
  • If you are running Windows 8.1 and your barcodes are not printing correctly, then open your label template file and from the Edit menu select Preferences. Then on the Preferences dialogue select the LabelWriter printer tab and set the print quality to Text. DYMO are awaiting a fix from Microsoft.

I get an exclamation icon on the print screens

Screenshot DYMO Exclamation Icon

  • The web browser may have just updated and cannot handle DYMO printing. Try a different browser like Chrome or Firefox.
  • The DYMO software drivers have either not been installed or are not the correct drivers. Uninstall and re-install as per the set up steps above.

Too many labels print out

  • Your design template is larger than the label itself. Double click your template file to open it in a design window – the one with the .label extension file name.
  • You’ve opted for an auto-sizing field on your design template and the data for that field is expanding onto the next label. Consider opting for a fixed width on that field.
  • The print labels have been inserted incorrectly into the printer. With the printer hood open, the oval hole that separates each label should be on the left. This allows the optical sensor to detect the end and the beginning of each label.
  • The optical sensor in your printer is dirty. Feed the cleaning card that came with the printer through a couple of times. This will clean the roller, optical sensor and the print head.

White squares are displayed in the address

  • Your label template was probably created using the Word Add-In. Instead of pasting in the web formatting into Word, only paste in the text. Do the pasting as a Paste special and opt for Unformatted text.

I can’t print in Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer

Many of the web browsers now require a signed certificate.

Regrettably this is beyond our control, this may mean you have to do this every time the web browser does an update. This is because DYMO is currently out of sync with the way the web browsers are handling browser security. We currently have no knowledge about when DYMO intends to address this issue.

In the meantime you will need to do the following (Providing you have already installed DYMO Web Service):

Navigate to your system tray in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Screenshot DYMO Printing Firefox Certificate Step 1

Right click the DYMO DLS Web Service (Administrator) icon and select Diagnose.

Screenshot DYMO Printing Firefox Certificate Step 2

Confirm the DLS Web Service prompt.

This will open in your default web browser.

You should now see a screen that refers to an untrusted connection. This may be slightly different from the details below depending on the web browser you are using. Eg. in Chome select the Advanced link. You will now add a trusted certificate exception.

You should now be able to print your DYMO labels in Firefox.

Everything looks good, but just doesn’t print

Your printer may accidentally be set to print offline. Navigate to your print queue and deselect the Printer Offline option.

I still can’t print

The only things left that we can suggest, would be to download the latest DYMO software.

You may also need to re-open your web browser.